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Quickbooks Error 15242

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QuickBooks Error Code 15242
QuickBooks is a user-friendly accounting software that is employed by small and medium industry. This has many enhanced features like merchant services, marketing tools, training solutions, etc which are available both on desktop as well as online. It simplifies your work but there are specific circumstances when a person can encounter some technical errors like Quickbooks Error 15242. These common errors then behave as an obstacle and your tasks are hindered. To rectify this error follow the steps cave in this informative article or contact the Technical Support for QuickBooks.

When QuickBooks user encounters this error, their system crashes. It is an installation error and user will receive this message:

Error 15242: QuickBooks has encountered an issue and needs to shut.

This error code appears when you look at the Windows XP/Vista/7/8. You are able to classify this QuickBooks Error 15242 as Run time Error since it is brought on by multiple factors. It's going to slow the body and results in are:

Corrupt or incomplete download.
Damage in Windows Registry
Virus and Malware infection in workstation.
There are lots of methods to rectify this error. Listed here are three methods by which a person can rectify this error:

Method I: Repair QuickBooks

End all QuickBooks application running in your system by opening Task Manager.
Select all applications which start with .qb, QuickBooks or Intuit.
Click at a time Task choice to close them.
Now repair them by following the steps below:
Press Windows icon from your keyboard along with letter E to start Computer Window. Windows 8 user can click on Computer Tab.
Click on Uninstall or change program option.
Select QuickBooks option and then click on either Uninstall/Change option.
Open the QuickBooks installation window, Click on Next option and then click on Repair radio button.
Select Finish option.
Restart one's body.
Method II: Edit Internet Explorer options

Start your computer.
Open Internet Explorer and Click on the gear icon.
Select internet options.
Click on Security tab and select Trusted sites option available there.
Click on location option and add the following websites in space provided.
If a person is using the united states type of QuickBooks you can add *.quickbooks.com and *.intuit.com.
If a user is utilizing the Canadian type of QuickBooks then add *.quickbooks.ca and *.intuit.ca.
Select close option.
Click Apply and then OK.
Method III: Update Microsoft Security Certificate

Sometimes due to expired Windows security certificate, this errors occur in the machine. To fix them user should run the Windows Update which are available or download an updated certificate from Microsoft.

For more enquiry a user can contact us by calling on our QuickBooks Desktop Support Toll Free Number. Our support is available 24*7 who can provide expert advice to your QuickBooks User worldwide.



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